Premium Diesel Treatment

PREMIUM DIESEL TREATMENT True Brand® Premium Diesel Treatment is a powerful, concentrated formula engineered to clean and remove gum, varnish, and carbon deposits while adding oxidation, corrosion, and algae protection for the diesel fuel system. Safely removes water from the fuel system through the combustion process.KEY BENEFITS Cleans Diesel Fuel System Deposits. Reduces Exhaust Smoke and Knock. Raises Cetane Number. … Read More

True Diesel MAX

TRUE DIESEL MAX True Brand® True Diesel MAX is specially engineered to increase diesel horsepower and torque. Cleans and lubricates injectors, upper cylinders, and rings. Dissolves gums, varnish, and carbon deposits while adding lubrication, oxidation, and corrosion protection for diesel fuel system components. Helps improve combustion efficiency and fuel mileage. Reduces exhaust emissions, smoke, and diesel knock.KEY BENEFITS Increases Torque … Read More